A building should be a nest, a shelter to keep its inhabitant safe from the surrounding environment
This nest should pay respect to the past and present local materials and utilise them to compliment the site rather than take over.
It should take into consideration the sites immediate and wider physical context; it should work to make the most of sun paths, localised climate and water lines.
It should house all that the inhabitant needs too survive and seek refuge to allow comfort without excess.
It should make the inhabitant aware of the micro details on site through the framing of views, layout of floors and circulation.
It should leave an imprint on the site after it is gone, not physically but through the repeating forms found in nature on the site already.
It should be all a young, bachelor mill worker needs to survive and seek refuge from the dangers of his everyday life in the forest, while still acknowledging the beauty of his surroundings on the Awaroa River.
It should provide a low lying, refuge among the Macrocarpas.

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